Divided Communion?

As a subscriber of the Guardian Weekly for many years it is interesting to follow with interest the life of the Church and how Christians are regarded in the press.  It feels that living on the West Coast that we become isolated from the world news more so than before, but I was pleasantly surprised by a few acquaintances which asked me about my thoughts on the recent news article that the Archbishop of Canterbury is suggesting a new look at the Anglican Communion.  Here is the link to the article.

Given that the Anglican Communion has gone through some divisive times in regard to governance and sexuality, it surprised me that the current Archbishop has taken a different path from that of his two predeseors who attempted to keep polarized parties in communion with each other.  One cathedral member asked me today if I was happy to be now licensed in the Church of England rather than the Anglican Church of Canada.

Communion is a significant thing and a sign of our unity and our diversity.  It is not perfect by any means, however, maybe it is time to try new relationships with Canterbury and get on with the business of the Church and less time sitting in closed rooms arguing about doctrine.

It is an Anglican point of view to take the ‘both and’ stance, but in preparing for the sermon this Sunday the reading from James speaks of the True Wisdom from above which is such that once it has listened and remained open, chooses a path and goes with it in boldness.  Certainly the Archbishop’s statements are bold, but are they wise? That will remain to be seen, but what is for sure is that it remains an interesting time to be part of the Christian Church in the Anglican tradition.

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