Jury Duty

As time slips by at a faster rate of change, at least that is how it feels; I have been selected for jury duty. There’s a first time for everything, but really Lord, why now? I realise it is my civic duty, but to think of all the time that I have been eligible it has to come up now. There is no concrete information given out regarding the law case, such as how long it might take, or how serious the offence.

Given that I will be leaving the country in November I suspect that I will be disqualified. Part of me is very interested in the opportunity as I fondly remember visiting the courts as a youth for a school assignment. I also remember sitting with a mother as a person of support as she tried (and succeeded) in getting custody of her child from an abusive husband.

Much of what I really remember is not the style of Law and Order like shows, nor that of the semi-mysterious Rumpole. Rather, there are long hours of tedious boredom as lawyers split hairs and use Latin words that I try to refer back from my memory since younger days in school.


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