Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

My new licence, contract and letters of appointment arrived late last week and so I set about preparations for a Blaue Carte from the German Consulate in Vancouver. What I learned was that there’s been some changes, including some cuts to the Vancouver consulate and that now I must send material to the Embassy in Toronto. If only I had known this in the summer when I actually was in Toronto. Such is life. Nonetheless, we still need to travel to Vancouver with the entire family for passports and other items for the children.

It has been a challenging day with funeral preparations to discuss with a lovely parish family who mourn the loss of a husband and father. As well as doing spiritual direction, and planning with friends the move of a lot of furniture from our house. I’m now measuring the dog kennel that the airlines approve of and taping cardboard boxes up to sell some books and limit my library.

Today was also the day when more people have heard the news about the Volkswagen diesel engine scandal and have asked me my thoughts on the issue, perhaps thinking that since I am moving to Germany that I’m now the Canadian expert on such issues. This news also makes me think of how little view world news as this engine issue certainly overpowered the Refugee and Migrant crisis for today’s news. 


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