This past Tuesday I had an ongoing appointment with a parishioner for spiritual direction. Arriving at St Peter’s I was surprised to see most of the small cul-de-sac blocked off with police vehicles and plastic yellow police tape.

Not for a few days did I hear anything about what might have happened. Previously, one of the rental houses across the road from the church had a stabbing where two young men came to blows over a lawns

It was at an all day meeting that the current police situation was revealed on the local news. There was a break in and the home owners found two or three men in their house and confronted them. The owner of the house sustained knife wounds and was taken to hospital. The suspects are at large.

St. Peter’s finds itself in an increasingly crime ridden neighbourhood. Whether it is furniture being dumped on lawns, graffiti, stolen property, or stabbings. The church, interesting in this situation, has been asked to do a house blessing for the family that has suffered through this recent violence. Parishioners have gone to see what can be done to help the family and as the neighbourhood changes, so too the church needs to in touch with what is going on and be front and centre to proclaim a gospel of peace, justice and new life in Christ.


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