All Wrapped Up

My wife and a few of her friends came over for tea and cake, as they are known to do on a weekly basis. This time it was a bit different as they spoke in hushed tones so as not to wake the children. The sound of crunched newspaper filled the room as they set to work packing up all of our old dishes that Anke inherited from her grandmother in Hamburg.

As I write this it is now a day later and we are waiting for a couple of hours for the next ferry crossing to Vancouver. Intending to sail on the 7 PM ferry we arrived with a good 40 minutes to spare only to be told that the ferry was full and that the next sailing at 9 PM was already 30% full! Things didn’t get better as I opened the back of the car to retrieve something out of a bag only to have a box full of plates fall to my feet. Nothing broke!
We make the most of the time helping the girls finish their homework and watching the stars come out of the darkening sky.
With all the changes that are happening I feel a bit like that old plate in the box, a bit fragile at the moment, yet fully wrapped up in prayer. It is heartwarming to know that friends in the two parishes in Victoria, as well as new friends in Freiburg are praying for us at this time.

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