Boats, Planes and Automobiles

It has been a long voyage from Victoria, Canada to Germany. I was worried that the day I left the island there were a few cancelled ferry sailings to the mainland to catch my flight the following day. It looked like not many people were willing to brave the 90 – 100 km/hr winds as the ferry was far less than full. My view was constrained to the dog area in the centre of the ferry where tiny electric heaters buzz and gale force winds play havoc with the heavy iron door. Skippy and I were alone for the ride and kept each other out of boredom. Having to travel as a ‘walk on passenger’ has its perks in that you walk on board ship at the lowest level and get to see the expanse of sea on your horizon. There are also set backs especially if you are taking two large suitcases, a dog kennel, a carry on bag and a dog who really dislikes walking over grated metal to a thundering ferry churning foaming water below you the scene made me think of Jesus calming the storm and my being linked to the nervous disciples.

Ferry travel for the furry passengers

Beside the occasional jolt and shudder from a large wave we passed over to the mainland with relative ease and I was so grateful for the ride from my father as we packed up the car.

With a quick stop along the way to visit my sister it ended up to be a long and weary day.

Before dawn of the following day I was up repacking some items so that I would not be overweight in my luggage requirements.   Finally satisfied that the weight was within the guidelines I set off for Vancouver International Airport and another short stop to visit my grandparents.

Skippy was soon crated and ready to be packed away in the heated cargo hold after airline personnel checked his paperwork and confirmed that he could stand, turn around and lay down in his kennel. I seriously think these requirements should be made for human passengers as well!

The flight was uneventful, but the landing was spectacular with sharp banking turns and stomach groaning drops. Once safely on the ground and with all my belongings we set off in the car with my father in law and uncle in law to Stuttgart. On the evening walk with Skippy I snapped the photo below of a glowing Zeppelin on the city street, thankful to God that we arrived safely and we’re upheld in prayer and helped by so many on this long voyage to a new home.


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