Advent Ideas

Have spent the day driving to Freiburg and Bad Krozingen to see the apartment that we will be living in and wished that I’d had a hand free to snap a few pictures of the landscape. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my hands were full as we weaved our way through the crowds surrounding the Munster as they bought fresh produce and local crafts at the farmers market. One of my hands held Skippy’s leash, the other held my delicious bratwurst on a bun. Skippy was very well behaved as he sat and drooled eyeing up the meat that hung tantalisingly above his head. We stood at the front steps of the Munster and listened to part of an organ recital.

Later we met Judith and the landlady in Bad Krozingen to discover the new flat. Very exciting and feeling so very blessed to have had the help finding such a place. I am sure there will be lots to explore in both Freiburg and Bad Krozingen.

Heading back up to Stuttgart area for the evening we watched a beautiful golden sunset over Kaiser Stule (no wonder the vineyards grow well here). After supper we went to an event that is somehow connected with the garden club of my father in law. The dark field roads had interesting markers to show us the way to the garden centre where beautiful oil paintings hung beside floral creations. The ‘markers’ along the road were upright logs cut in a way that allowed them to burn from the inside out. That made me think of Advent candles as the season quickly approaches, but if we tried such a thing the Advent wreath would have to be outside! Nonetheless, the path of glowing lights certainly lit the way for us as I’m sure our own family tradition of lighting a candle each Sunday in Advent lights the path of Christ more brightly each week.


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