Words can hardly express the warm welcome that was given to me today at Anglican Church Freiburg.  There is a dynamic that plays between pastor and the congregation and when starting a new role it seems like the beginning of a dance where each person needs to find out how things will all work out.  I don’t think I stepped on anyones toes today in the ‘dance’. Rather, I felt very much at home and incredibly blessed to be part of this new community.  It was overwhelming how many new faces and new names there are to get to know, yet in time I shall learn them all and become more and more their pastor.  As well as numbers of new faces, is the diversity in ages with young ones comfortable in the crowd to run around, volunteers who work hard to provide Christian education to children and youth. So to is there a vast array of ethnicities and languages.  There is, despite all the newness and diversity, a deep recognition and knowledge that we are one in the Lord.

wp-1448818360401.jpegWith some time following the service to reflect and pray in a brisk walk with the dog; I came across this carved stone out
side a small chapel on the hillside. The chapel is surrounded by forest and vineyards.  It is a tad difficult to see given my poor photography skills, but the inscription on the dove is Veni Sancte Spiritus, Come Holy Spirit.  Ancient words chanted from long ago, and also a reminder that they were sung at my own ordination to the priesthood.


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