Traditions come and go

A New Years tradition that I started on my own whilst living in Victoria was to attend the Levy at Government House. I would wake up early and stand with masses of citizens to enter the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor General. Standing in the cold would be quickly forgotten once making ones way through the front entrace and feeling the heat from the roaring wood fire in a massive fireplace. Equally warm was the greetings from many city officials, local mayors and of course from Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor and her husband as every person was personally greeted with a handshake. What always impressed me was that many people who lived on the street were often allowed in first and we’re treated with the same hospitality as anyone else.
There would be live music from the Navy band and the Canadian Scottish Regiment Band. Finger foods, tea or coffee, and small sweet cakes would be consumed by the masses while we milled about in the grand ballroom and looked out at the view of the ocean from the large veranda.
I was almost always the only one in the family that dared to participate in this tradition so I felt obliged to take a picture of the official dinning room with its polished silverware, candelabras and wooden table that was so shiny that you could easily make out reflections of the Queen and HRH Philip’s portraits which hung over one of the large fireplaces. I would take a few treats and a few napkins with the Royal insignia stamped onto them home with me so that I could share the experience with my own family.
After last night’s celebrations and no levy to attend, I went for a morning run with the dog. The only people I saw was one elderly woman walking her small dog and one young man stumbling home after what looked like a long party.
I don’t believe in making resolutions (as they usually end up broken within the week) but it was nice to try something new. Sadly, the family was not impressed with the ‘treat’ I brought back with me from this new year morning, but Skippy was much happier. πŸ™‚

May this year be a good one for all.

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