Home Groups

The meeting of Christians has not always happened on Sunday morning, and more and more people find spiritual nourishment throughout the week by meeting in small groups.  I was very happy to meet with the “North Freiburg Home Group” and participate in what they have been doing over many years together.  A small group of around 8 people have been meeting together in each others homes for several years.  They have alternated with either Bible Study, or book study to help focus there time together.  Strong bonds of friendship and fellowship are evident.

In my thinking, small groups have a lot to offer. One thing that I think is important to realize is that not everyone wants to be invited to a church worship service, but many people are spiritually hungry and seeking after God and will more likely like to explore their faith with others in a small group where there is an opportunity to believe, behave, belong and become a Christian.

Small groups, home groups, have the advantage of being flexible to the people who attend. An example of flexibility is the willingness to provide space for life’s circumstances.  Children might play together in another room whilst the parents study and pray.  If you work shift work, the group could accommodate you by meeting over lunch.  Such is the flexibility of those who participate.

Another reason home groups are great, is that you get to see real change in peoples lives as they grow and develop in their faith.  What is encouraging is that soon after this evening gathering, another couple in the church had an idea for yet another home group that they wish to help host and get started.  God is good.



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