Whilst I was an Assistant Curate in the Cathedral the Dean and the Vicar both used “The Parson’s Pocketbook” for all their scheduling.  I too have done away with my electronic calendar on my smartphone and have opted for The Parson’s Pocketbook mostly because of the name.  However, the dates and commemorations are always interesting especially how they sometimes align with special Holy Day’s.  The Pocketbook is no exception to these, at times, strange quirks of celebration dates.  Today lists Corpus Christi: Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of the Holy Communion along with John Calvin 1564, and Augustine of Canterbury, 605 – oh, and there is also Philip Neri 1595 listed as well.

In Germany it is a holiday (as well as holy day) and there are things that happen in towns and cities that are predominately Roman Catholic.  At the moment I am waiting to see if a procession will wind its way past with a large monstrance at the head of the group.  It does strike me as odd that given all the different people, saints, martyrs and other special dates, that our calendars are not chock-a-block full with people, celebrations and holiday’s.

In the past I had travelled to Geneva and had visited the parish church where Jean Calvin preached from, and is buried in, and I thought it strange that this reformer of the church was now, in his tomb, being viewed by some tourists like a holy shrine.  It is interesting, and perhaps important that a Church of England calendar holds the length and breadth of Christian celebration and puts a slew of people and commemorations together today.


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