Choosing a name for a blog is like choosing a name for a child.  You want it to be original, snappy, useful, perhaps a little traditional, and then you get to a playground only to find three with the same name.  Der Pfarrer is what I am and Tales are what I tell on this blog.  Well tales of travel to Germany.  Perhaps a smidgen of culture shock from my leaving Canada, and the odd story or two.

I am a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, and will soon become a priest in the Church of England in the Diocese in Europe.  Spent the bulk of my ministry on the West Coast of Canada and will soon be der Pfarrer of the Anglican Church in Freiburg, Germany.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. M.Williams

    Thank you for the glimpses into your new community and your work there, and the reflections along the way.
    Blessings to you, Anke and the girls in this great adventure.


  2. Malcolm Maynard

    und jetz … ein anglikanischer Pferrer aus dem großen weißen Norden!
    (with help from Google Translate!)

    It looks like everyone is doing well.
    Including Skippy!


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