Time trials

I am making all sorts of discoveries, and will likely disappoint German readers with my findings of all things German; however, for my Canadian friends it should give some insight.

The house has mechanical blinds (which I have tried to spell by my English autocorrect does not like German words) and it makes the house very quiet as well as very dark.  I woke up very late as I had no sunlight to prompt me, but I do feel very refreshed.  The dog and I went for a long walk into Freiburg as I was curious about how long it will take if I decide to walk there.  The way there was a good example of wandering in the wilderness – I am sure that if Moses had asked for directions to the promised land it wouldn’t have taken 40 years.  Equally, if I had bothered to consult my map I would have been much faster at getting to the Munster (Cathedral), but the exploration was fun.

I managed to take a few photos of the obvious sights that tourists typically show, but I wanted to point out that I will be participating in an Ecumenical church service at the Munster as the city residents remember the bombing of Freiburg.wp-1448541700928.jpeg  One of the gates to the ‘old’ part of the city is St Martin’s Tor, and I have discovered that it is sometimes referred to by locals as McMartin’s because of the McDonalds that is at the base of the tower (there’s a Starbucks on the other side too).  IMG_20151126_120813_hdr

The Christmas Market is up and running now, but it much more popular at night.  The streets are decorated with lights, ribbons, stars and swags of evergreen branches.  It feels cool in the air with some snow showing on the hilltops.


The Munster certainly towers over the city, and was for the most part, the beacon which I used to orient myself in the city.  I discovered that like new people to the world of hiking in the mountains on the West Coast of Canada that have been told the helpful advice that ‘moss grows on the south side of the tree’ soon discover that in the damp and wet that moss grows on every side of the tree.  The same is true for Freiburg, as I wandered down streets only to discover yet another church spire.  I probably have managed to do a small pilgrimage to all the local parishes on my first venture into Freiburg.  In the end, I took the more direct way back by following the map and managed to return in under an hour.