I suspect that this time of year, it isn’t only Santa who has a list.  Over the past several days my To-Do list has grown in size.  Just when I think I can check a bunch of stuff off the list, more appears.  Obviously, one of the things that has remained on my list is sorting out phone and internet at home.  I can confirm that my whole family is addicted to the contacts made via phone and internet.  I was able to keep some peace in the house by getting a cable to connect the old tv with a modern DVD player.

Various wires in our wall – on the ToDo List

Communication is really important, especially when one has recently moved to another country, as it would be great to hear a family voice over the phone.  Communication is also really important for me in preparing for worship and staying in touch with readers, musicians, and all who are involved in making worship…well, worshipful.

This past Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Advent, we had a great time with a Nativity play, and following worship, we had a Christmas party in which the sanctuary was transformed and decorated into a dinning hall.  Many Christmas games were played, such as, get to know the Parsons Family BINGO.  I am certain that there are photos out there with Anke and I wearing balloon filled nylons on our heads as the children in the church transformed us into Santa’s reindeer.  Santa did show up and presented a gift to each child (I lost track at about 31 children of various ages so Santa has a better memory than I do).

Since I am madly communicating whilst at the apartment that the church still has until the end of the year, and in which I have been using as an office for now; I shall end this post with a nice video that I originally saw on the Guardian Newspaper website.  I think it fits the theme of communication well.