There are many times when I am deeply impressed with people, places or things.  Yet, I usually keep them to myself with a quiet smirk of delight on my face.  I read recently that the ability to lead a grateful life is a good life.  This morning I look out the window and their is more blue sky then grey cloud and I thought I should share some of the gratitude.

In the church I am grateful for the people who look after others by spending time with them, calling them, and meeting them in their circumstances in a non-judgemental way.  I am grateful for the hospitality to others, the devotion to prayer, the affirmative and constructive feedback that I hear people offering.

In the world I am grateful for the car garage that changed the winter tires off the car, but also noticed something else wrong with the car and the mechanic just fixed it with no cost.  I am thankful for the intelligent debate that I listen to on the radio in German and English, and for the patience of those around me as I ask for help for a better understanding of some of the words.

In my family I am grateful for the prodding of children who want to play despite my compulsion to work.  For early mornings with a tea or coffee in hand, and the quiet nearness of my wife.

Thessalonians 5.18 – give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.