Hedgehog – not the chocolate kind.

01_11_2_webChocolate makers in Canada often sold ‘Hedgehogs’ which are delicious and often the first chocolates in a box to be eaten.  When we lived in Canada, it took my German wife close to 15 years to finally see a bear in the wild despite the rest of the family seeing Black Bear on an almost yearly basis.  Although nowhere near the size of a bear, the Hedgehog is an animal that has remained elusive to me for years.  In all my trips to Germany I was told about the Hedgehog being a common sight in gardens, but I had never glimpsed one…until now.  Walking the dog at dusk I spotted some small creature timidly investigating the garden of a neighbouring house.  It turned out to be a Hedgehog!  I feel like I can complete the check-list of German animals as I have seen a family of wild Boar, and tiny Deer in previous visits.  I have been up close to Storks which are raising a brood on a chimney top nest, and I have seen a few Red Fox whilst driving home in the evening.  I wonder if this recent sighting of a Hedgehog completes the ‘Big Five’ of Germany.

Occasionally while traveling in the car and using the GPS system, or Navi as they say Germany, I am still thrown a bit when I hear announced from automated voice “bear right” as a directional point.  Instinct is to look out the passenger side window and see a Black Bear meandering into the woods.