Men’s Breakfast

‘Breakfast of champions’ is how I would describe my morning with some of the men from the church.  Not only is the food great, but the discussion of our ‘light’ topic was stimulating.  What impressed me a great deal was the openness of the group to welcome new people who had just visit the church the same day as my first Sunday.  Not only was there a warm welcome, but there was good discussion.  Real discussion where I felt that people are able to speaking about different views and look at different opinions on issues that are meaningful to men in a Christian community. It is a place to question, discern and discuss – oh yes, and eat.

It was a pleasure to meet some new men, as well as practice my name recognition for those I have already met.  Pastorally, it was important for me to get an understanding of the background of many men.  The way they think, and discuss, and how they continue to grow in faith.  Whatever the discussion, and the opinions that are expressed, we stand side by side in the kitchen afterwards and clean up so that things are prepared for Sunday worship.