Men’s Prayer Group

Whilst in my previous parishes there was a prayer group which did a great deal for the spiritual life of the parish, and it was a place where I always felt it was necessary to uphold.  This evening I came and prayed with some of the men of the parish in Freiburg and it felt like home.  I was really looking forward to being with the group and I was not disappointed.  There is a lot of potential for growth in this area, as faithful men realized that they too need a place to gather for prayer that perhaps is a little bit different in style than the women’s prayer groups.  Along with thanksgivings and intercessions we prayed for specific areas in our own lives, and the lives of others.  There was a short Bible reading from a Psalm as well as some singing.  I even braved the teaching of a new song that was one of my favourites at the previous prayer group meetings in a former parish.  Truly a welcoming place where one can feel at ease with brothers in Christ.