Ba, Bye, Black Sheep

IMG_20150219_165215As our relationships continue in Victoria, some have come to a tasty end.  Each week our girls help out on a small farm which friends own and over time we have added to the stock with our own chickens, rabbits, geese, turkeys, and sheep.  As we live in a small house we don’t have the necessary space for farm animals, not even an urban chicken or two.  Yet, both girls have done the hard work of raising animals and several have made it to our table.  I figure it teaches our children some responsibility as they care for and raise the animals, as well as some business sense, as they either sell, or eat what is produced.  There is a large 4H Club on the peninsula that the girls have never participated in, but have come close to competing with in shows for best chicken.

As a young child, my own dog and I rounded up someones unwanted chickens from a local park and we brought them home to look after.  The Plymouth Rock Chickens were great in the garden at my childhood home and it trained my Springer Spaniel on retrieval.  Unfortunately the chickens were illegal as it was against the village code in that area.  The chickens went to greener pastures.

Our chickens and Quail have produced loads of eggs and provided us with many soups.  As Thanksgiving weekend approaches, a new addition to the fridge has appeared after our children came home from their work on the farm…a massive turkey!

The turkey will certainly provide a feast, as we will be 12 people for supper tomorrow night.  There is a plan with all of this too, as our friends will help to load a small rental van with some of our furniture that we will be storing in Vancouver.  Ironically, the old furniture is from Hamburg and came as an inheritance.

Of all the animals on the farm, the one we will not eat, but we have recently sold to our friends on the farm, is our Black Faced Welsh Sheep.  The small herd of three sheep has certainly grown on our two daughters.  It amazes me that all our daughters need to do is call their names and they trott on over to nuzzle the girls.  It makes me reflect on the gospel parable in which Jesus refers to himself as Shepherd and us as sheep.  It certainly looks like we will know our name when called, and come running.