“Even the stones cry out.”

Finally the weather in Freiburg has become more like winter.  Over the past weeks it has been unseasonably warm, but now it feels like winter.  Strange how things have changed in just a week.  For instance, last week I looked out the window and saw a spandex clad man ‘skate’ by on skis with wheels.  A Cross Country skier desperate for snow!

This week the Strassenbahn had several people with skis bound to backpacks as they headed to the hills that are now covered with snow.  As many people look to the hills, I was trying hard to stay warm.  It was with hunched shoulders and eyes down that I saw the following things.  Of course I have noticed these stones before, and for different reasons, but when battling brisk wind it gave me more to ponder.

In much of the walking areas of Freiburg one can see storefront signs placed on the ground outside the doors of shops.  These signs are made from stones of different colours and usually designed in a way to represent the current business, or institutions.  Of course things change over time so not all are up to date, but they make for interesting viewing and walking.  wp-1452875190129.jpeg


There are other ‘stones’ that catch the eye as one walks the streets of Freiburg.  At times they are single markers, and other times there can be six or seven all in a group.  I chose one nearby a University building as an example. In some way I am sad that I cannot say more about the name of the stone.  wp-1452875328822.jpegThese ‘Stolperstein’ are known in English as ‘Stumbling Stones‘ and are a reminder to passersby that in the house, or apartment block there was a Jewish person, whom after the war, did not come home and the building was left unoccupied.  A new tenant, or new owner now resides in the building, but the stone is a reminder of people missing, killed, displaced, but not forgotten.

‘Even the stones cry out’